Minus World

by Angry Sons

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The debut album. The world is not ready, but they don't have a choice.


released August 5, 2013


all rights reserved



Angry Sons Orlando, Florida

metaphist and Psychosis Abstrakt air it out.

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Track Name: Inflammatory Remarks
burn you like the flames that god will send on judgement day // like I'm writing a disc with sun rays in outer space // my flow's hotter than hot, I burn heat // my saliva burns me, I'm ashes blacker than my heart so nothing hurts me // I curse thee, that they would try to burn me, I am earthly // deep within the crust I shift plates when my stomach starts churning, you ain't worthy // I take a hot shit when it's early // asteroids crash into the earth, murking, causing controversy // verse me? put you in a burn center that's blazing hot // with all the faggots down in hell sucking flaming cock // planets gettin' crushed like I'm breaking blocks // your eight tetrispheres are nothing more than an array of rocks, an onslaught // time is shifted to my liking for my dangerous plots // like the jet gun being fired while it's aimed at clocks // flow with a force that'll rip the universe apart // and stick my fist up black holes like "fuck you" from the north star

with a heat flash, past the temperature of that of a plastique blast // madness method wu-tang torture with a heat mask // apply directly to the face until you weep gas //
watchin' your tears evaporate // I am Polaris in the bitch, ever seen the speed of a flaming fist? // you're already dead, your first mistake? inserting the fucking disc // the speed of the spin exceeds the beam attempting to read the pits // too late to stop, touching eject will burn off your fucking limbs // epitome of heartless pity for the industry // "hardly any" is my response to many sympathy inquiries // "hardly any" is the amount of air that society has left to breathe // let freedom ring? naw, that's the dinner bell // guess who the servants are? ants workin' hard // ultimately chalking up service unto a human god // fire ain't the end, fire is the beginning we use to temper steel // cut these fake fuckers in two for pretending
Track Name: Blue In The Face
my barbaric endeavor's got your crew disbanding in terror like animated characters similar to Hanna Barbara's // you standin' and starin' while my ammunition is blarin' at optimal angles like a Tetragrammaton Cleric // take a moment to absorb the impact, meanwhile my bullet time rhymes seek the next track to record // be advised if you play us ten times or more, we'll fill your CD changer like a high score list // morbid torturous methods expected only from the most gorish // the likes of Orcish forces torchin' forests, walking through spells of tree-huggin' elves like it's borin' // we ain't even half way to the chorus and I'm already hearin' voices before the adlibs got recorded to tack // trying to blackmail my grey matter with white lies disguised as full color facts (fuck that!) // I got a golden eye for the fakers poppin' off with no pause like a Moonraker // please take a second to check your behavior before I put your whole process on blast like Sega // in this pre-programmed emcee matrix I'm the sequel comin' to serve ya if your data's too basic // high frequencies cut like razors, mids destroyed like kicks to the waist, and subs get bossed like Vega // cats think they're hard but they're soft, frontin' like they down for mother Russia totin' the Kalashnikov // but when I rusn-n-attack with a blade in the back, you'd think I dropped the entire block on you like Pajitnov // we gettin' dropped off in the helicopter stocked with more guns than the ones Contra gots // do not care if you cock-diesel like Juggernaut, reduce your chance to dance around the spreadshot

chorus (both):
angry sons ain't the ones with the patience, we don't take shit, slappin' up the game like a pimp till it's faceless // pushin' up rhymes like a weight lift, angry sons, and we spittin' until we blue in the faces

trained in the Hayabusa villiage, I'm killin' ya whole clan // I'm like Master Chief, an army of one man // I'll no-scope snipe you in a gun-kata stance // and finish it like Oro and do this with one hand // I don't give a fuck, I crush cats like Guts Man // if you were a robot master you'd be Soft-as-fuck Man // it's disgusting how I slay foes // my fatality's sorta like Stryker and Kano's // I'll bust you in the head and make sure it doesn't kill you // pour out ya brains inside a cup and fuckin' spill you // rip out ya eyes with my hands after I lift you // shove em' up your ass so you can see the shit you been through // I'm like Goro when I rip you // massacre like Lord Raptor, capture souls and play a riff too // I don't have to hunt, kills are too easy // try to duck from a gun when it's aimed at the TV // I'm bringin' down ya 30 lives (how many rest?) none // the way you act on the last makes it the best one // you wanna roll out cuz you're scared to fall // you're like Samus in a ball when it's time to brawl // I run through crews like Kabal, got some serious balls // I'll whoop your ass in a pink Gi just for the lols // I'm fucked up and look like I'm on a drug binge // move by rollin' on the ground like Bosconovitch // look like Voldo with the straps minus the thong on my shit // and switch to mantis mode when I approach a chick // convos lead to "I'm a doctor, trust me" // "I just wear this paper bag so I can hide the ugly" // I make mad world footage, I always tape my kills // there's nothing good to watch, THIS show? gives me chills // everything is dead // my face palm's so deep that my fingers are stickin' out the back of my head

chorus repeat

chosis: angry sons crashin' castles, we some sinister assholes // gettin' past without crackin' evil residents' passcodes // fuck the puzzles, you thought we've been had, yo? // epically paint past anything in our path though

meta: epically take fools on a magical crash course // the color's blue and black from Florida sea shores // mixed with swamp gas from the Everglades // so the mana casts some sort of fucking sea shark phantom

chosis: stand up to my stand, it's a razor handyman // my puppets cut throats, chops hams and slits hands // switch blades in switch-stance (which way?) It's swift, man // quick like a fuckin' bitch slap from Ip Man

meta: quick like the sand in Pitfall // it's all traps and fake paths, you can't land // Indiana couldn't escape it, my temple is non-visual, plus mythical // just ask Olmec what you gettin' into

chosis: I'm the elder of the elder gods, taught cats to bring back // all sorts of sick storms, spirals and zig-zags // hail, lava, lightning, made the gods of A-class // Raiden dreamt of electric sheep when I taught my rain class

meta: I'm brainstormin' so hard in the lab sweat steams off my forehead into clouds and effects the forecast // you can ask Storm, the Saturday mornin' forecast is iron // droppin' anvils, quality animation like a pilot episode // you know my turtles are ninja-like

chosis: my toads are the battle-type
meta: my sharks live the street life
chosis: my mice are ride-or-die, Orion can't hold back these guys // They anxious to release the chucks of heat, that's how they be, aiight?

meta: you're afraid to play hard
chosis: that's why you play easy
meta: difficulty settings reveal the true weaklings
chosis: I am immortal
meta: you cannot defeat me
both: even with a Game Genie, you can't beat me
Track Name: Galactic Piracy
I'm wanted on over a thousand intergalactic hit-lists // the bounty on my head extends well into seven digits // that's multi-millions for the civilian who manages to handcuff these villains // hobble back with nary a limb left // we carry a grim rep, and only rollin' two-deep no less // with no regrets going against your whole fleet // with no protection raw-doggin' it we crashed through a section of the starship // unleash a cyclone of clips in the perfect darkness // we openin' doors with gunshots alone // and we don't give a fuck about restrictions based upon the color tone // power missiles will blister over your screen in an instant // disintegratin' ya henchmen while still creatin' an entrance // so much for stealth, there's no way you could miss this // red and green rocket barrage comin' at you like it was Christmas // or perhaps a more accurate description would be a swarm of solar eclipses // based on the fire behind the projectiles...

infiltratin' labs, take for grabs, raid the place and trade for cash // rasin' gats, beta crap, tons of crates with artifacts // scrapin' shacks, shakin' cats, anything to make a stack // not a place we scared to crash, outer space or in your pad // where's it at, in your bag? where you keep your secret stash // face the facts, cut the crap, don't you see I'm fuckin' strapped? // gimme dat, that's a wrap, imma blast your sorry ass // who's the next cat to get nabbed? your whole town is up for grabs // don't you try to get to evac, don't you know who fast we react? // we trackin', blatsin' people trying to zoom right past the speed trap // Samus, where ya beams at? obsolete, ya weapons be dat // that gat that's in ya hand can't stand a chance man we'll delete that // shut the fuck up...we ain't tryin' to hear it // speak when you agree to be a prisoner, no pleadin' here, bitch // we could give two shits about your thoughts, you're just a nuisance // board onto our ship and work for free, this is a movement

chorus (both):
space pirates, straight tyrants, fingaz on the triggaz // makin' figures sellin' metroids to the highest bidder // we move at light speed till the end of time we // pillage as far as the eye can see, galactic piracy // galactic pirates, we cruise the cosmos like a virus // we like to aim right for the brain, that's right between the eyelids // the feds will never find us, and we ain't even hidin' // we don't stay off the grid, the grid stays off the space pirates

sometimes I wonder if the killin' spree's just a factor in the binge for the currency // we're really not about the violence, I'm just trying to pay my rent // which happens to be zero // resulting in hundred percent profits // I think it's time we got on topic // I won't stop until I got the proverbial over-sized pockets to start with // won't catch us sellin' no Spacely Sprockets like Jetson // if it ain't worth at least a mil, it gets jettisoned right out the cockpit // space pirates are the hardest marksmen // who target the flawless diamonds, no time for the bargain bin // a heartless kid // prolly trade in my next of kin in the form of a carcass just to benefit from the harvest more often // offin' men with the hardware // caught wind of this Metroid shit, got dollar signs in the iris of these space pirates // now we ridin', find us a specimen to bind up // fuck a captive, you're whole planets gettin' captured, line up

welcome all you prisoners, be glad this is a new ship // I know our methods seem in-kind or mad or somewhat ruthless // I'll respect you as my specimen, with some slight improvements // if you disagree the torture rooms will wait for you then // each one has different settings so it's kinda complicated // your anal personality will lose it's constipation // I'll hang you from the ceiling, set the floor to ultra-gravity // your organs and bones get extracted from your anal cavity // then I'll take your flesh back to my lab perform some tests // my projects an enigma, behold what's in the flesh // Phazon flesh-blob abomination of death // with the limitless power from the Metroid you just left // yeah I know it's fuckin' sick, but I'm just testin' out it's limits // beholding such a power made me not know when to finish // don't worry, I won't keep it, I'll make a lot of profit // just wanna know my product more so the price can skyrocket

chorus repeat

turn Pokemon to pocket money when we sell em' all // but first reverse-curb the blood thirst in the lab with pokes and prods // put em' in the pen like hogs with live prey in the trough // look and laugh through my lookin' glass as I check my list off // we deal in big wares, the kind you scared to meddle with // I'm talkin' live shit, the kind small timers never get // alien life forms with six stages of evolution // hand-bred right out the box for planetary execution // whether or not the Chozo know what they were doin' I say screw it // bout to make a bloody fortune off the movement // sell a few thousand at least before they go extinct // fuck protocol, barrels to the throat of anyone who disagrees // and that goes for Kraid, Weavle or Ridley // and I dare that bitch in the metal swimsuit to even try me // cuz when my laser beams start to shoot // I create a bullet-storm that not even Fox McCloud could barrel roll through

eh yo, we get what we need, and roll back to the spaceship // another Metroid for the market, enough to help us stay rich // a small powerhouse so it's hard to contain it // also highest in demand, it needs a lot of surveillance // sometimes cats try to retrieve what was theirs // but our advanced weaponry is too much for them to bare // saber slice the fabric of space at a distance // quantum jump slash separates your body in an instant // bodies look like liquid, surroundings warped and mixed in // the sight of it is incomprehensible and twisted // you're using sticks and stones, your whole arsenal is vintage // our cannons have a consciousness, it knows where you're positioned // kill-shots with every blow, fuck a ratio of a hit/miss // heads pop at any range from my godly aim assistance // my business, from nine to five assault and kill clients // don't forget to pay your dues, yours truley, space pirates
Track Name: Citizen Sandwich
ey yo, this fat fuck likes to stack guts full of Mack Truck sized snacks up until his ass bust // you know, the one with the vacuum suction, fast-food munchin' massive ominously vast stomach // I hope your special power's track runnin' cuz his ass comin' // and he won't stop till the last function left is nap time // ask nine out of ten citizens who tried to put and end to him what this serial killer did to them // my name is Knuckle...Joe // used to be a pit-fighter known for thunderous blows // rockin' the red white headband and the blue clothes // and you could say I earned my stripes from scrapin' at night to fandom and lights // another place, another time passed // you see, the gourmet race acquired a certain citizen taste...that's the reality we face // chased by a tyrant with two beady eyes // and one gaping pink gullet, concealed by a sly smile // this motherfucker eats a lot, thought it was cute at first // ice cream, cake, cookies...seconds, thirds // breakfast, lunch, dinner blurred, no distinction between em' // eatin' too often, occurred to us this might be a fuckin' problem and... // nobody remembers who the first victim was, but... // somethin' changed within him the first time he tasted flesh and blood and... // when Dedede fell, it was too late to fix a fuckin' thing // naw, the real nightmare in Dreamland was not the king

day number eight and Kirby's still actin' violent // this marshmallow tyrant is on a cannibalistic diet // he sees provisions from his iris, his appetite's unbiased // his hunger never settles, he has eternal glutton virus // he's eatin' our world, your dreams and milky way wishes // eatin' every fuckin' thing, so ain't nobody doin' dishes // yo, you get snatched like a vagina gettin' kidnapped // like fresh meat gettin' bagged, you scream for help, you queef in pitch-black // the layer's where he keeps his citizen snack wraps // carcasses hangin' from intestines and fat scraps // other pieces are mishmash-ed into a large ball of parts // he rolls them all together to form his ball of epic yarn // a nasty sight to see, you wanna gouge out both your eyes, son // in my case one, but you can see where I'm comin' from // I only see darkness, but it's for the right reasons now // everything I know can now rest in pieces // what is hope or what is peace? what does it truly mean to see? // illuminating death as our only possibility? // what more do we have when we lose to hostility? // hope is now offered as a sacrifice willingly // then I think of that then... // that memory of my past that I can't seem to abandon // the last day I saw the sunset... // from the beach on Orange Ocean where my family was, yes // it was the calm before the storm before the world became a corpse // when we ate to live for more before we starved at doom's doors // that day is the reason we still have some hope left // that day I saw the sun become angry and then it left

meta: eh yo, he's takin' all the cookies, takin' all the milk // cho: whether it's the rice, almond, soy or the silk // meta: talkin' all the ham, takin' all the turkey // cho: takin' all the chicken, pork, ribs and the jerky // meta: takin all the cake, cho: takin all the custard // meta: takin' all the ketchup, relish, cho: mayo, honey mustard // meta: takin' all the caviar, cho: takin' all the sushi // both: clearin' out the snakbar like he's 'bout to watch a movie

he's not one for conversation guys // I tried to get a word in edgewise, he at the fuckin' speech bubble like egg whites // the candy and spicy curry just puts him in a hurry // with all that eatin' and slurpin' his stomach's gotta be hurtin' // with one fork and a knife, you gon' forfeit your life // so head for the hills tonight, there's no stoppin' his appetite // hide ya wife, hide ya kids, hide ya chicken and hide ya ribs // they call him a food-o-masochist... // my name is Knuckle...Joe, and this time the gloves are off // so the name rings truer than ever // never been a fan of the ring proper, I get off in the streets like Ryu // the bell rings in my heart, my fist sings with the art, I... // know what I must do now // we gotta take back whats ours and go hard // from the lowest Vegetable Valley to the highest Bubbly Clouds on Mount Dedede // the future king, gettin' his weight up for the future bout // trainin' on some Rocky shit like the apocalypse // tied two rocky's to each end of a stick for an impressive bench // called up my dog Wheelie so we could do some sprints // at which point I realized I could use more than some speed or strength // so I went to Bugsy's dojo, learned a couple of throws // sought the council of Whisp // learned to focus and explode fire out my fist like a Shotokan master // now the kids ready despite all the naysayer's chatter // they colored me crazy as hell for going against the pink devil himself // but they did what they could for me, and they were happy to help // now the fate of the realm rests squarely on the kids should and no // the real nightmare in Dreamland is not over

now I'm uptown and it's time to relocate // watching and waiting, strafing and evading // where's this fat fuck hiding? he's probably waiting to bait me // i ignore him and move forward, but I can't be too hasty // wait for it, stop to piss, then leave the alleyway // look back, make sure I wasn't tailed from where I can then... // all of a sudden he's right in front of me, I'm taken // crash into his face, pass out, then re-awaken // in front of the beast, I can see he's full now // that means I'll surely die when he goes for the next round // I feel a cold touch, must be the grudge of despair // Kirby standing there bold, with a piercing cold stare // no we're face to face, and goin' eye to eye // but I only need this one perspective to see the truth shine // illuminating death? naw, illuminating light // my life flashes before me and it's more than I could ever see // another consciousness, another state of mind // now I realize I've left my body behind // I see Bubbly Clouds, Cloudy Park and Skyhigh // Halfmoon and the heavens, a vision of the afterlife // ready for this, ready to die // I look below the heavens to find to my surprise // I see the sun, how could it see me from this high? // starin' at me really fuckin' pissed off, is it really my time? // losin' my mind I'm blackin' out, I hear a whisper as it climbs // "survive" then the sun takes a strike at my demise // I wake up in a panic, same place where I left off // knowin' what to do, I channel energy before I set off // aim at his food because I know he'll feel the pain much // throw the massive beam like "I'm a firin' my lazah" // run from the explosion then hear a loud bellow // [kirby bellow] // now I've awakened in the hospital, they say I've lost my eye // I'm not blind, just had my mind re-optimized // I see Kirby out there still wilin' still eatin' // he lost his sight at the scene and left for the time bein'
Track Name: Mega Man Killas
my name is Enker, I go hard dragin' my dick on the floor // I know a robot with a pump that's trying to be hardcore // no joke, I'll take his girl and slapstick on splash bitch // hit shore and wait till he shows up and start attackin' // you couldn't be hard man if you were built packin' heat // you may spit fire in your flow, but I spit magma when I speak // I also sever cats when burning tracks to junk man // like the Flame Sword, I'll slash you to ashes to dust man // your just a clown, man, you got guts to lay a track // I'll lay out ya guts so Auto can tune you back // I'll break into ya lab and take everything in sight // yellin' "freeze, cracka, gimme da gun, gimme da ice" // my Mirror Buster don't lie, I'm the master of robot masters // wily ain't ya master, nor is he ya father you bastards // Mega Man, when I attack it's like a flash in the dark // I'm so quick you won't react until you're scattered in parts // you think I give a fuck how much range you can take? // you could throw five blades at once and I'll just stand in place // then use my Barrier Spear, go on a face-lift craze // your face'll look like the middle stage of a shape shift phase // I'm underground, man, I stay ghost like I'm Astro // throw rap stars in Galaxy Man's asshole // the black hole, I've whopped so much ass it's gettin' old // I remember when Toad Man was just a young tadpole // I taught Shade Man how to fight within the shadows // made Knight Man a warrior before he got his will for battle // Cloud Man's not at the top, I'm the one who's lookin' down // as he bows I was the king before King hand a crown // Angry Son's don't set, we everywhere you are // you think you hot, son, but I always kill new stars // cats tryna bite my shit, there solar // cuz they're like you, the power ain't yours, it's fuckin' ours

chorus (both):
da da daa, da da da daa, da da da daa, kill dem Mega's (repeat x4)

yeah, my name's Punk but don't get it twisted // my moniker is quite viscous, seem me rockin' mo-hawk spikes // this is not a fair fight, cho: so how you callin' it, dog? // I'm callin' all cars with Nitro and Turbo in charge // killin' Mega Man is how we get off, and after that // we comin' back to finish off the doc, the girl and the dog // and make it one big disaster, a genocide, a massacre // cho: so tell em why you the illest robot masta // well I'm flattered that your callin' me master but we be comin' after them actors // so let's be accurate and refactor the label // from the "K" to the -illas, but I think I can be more specific // and toss a "Mega Man" in front to be clearer // inferior, that's why that blue bastard gradually beats yall // while my killas hold it down like Gravity Beetle // catch you in the air, man, rise up like Gyro // throw signature spikes that spiral, you tragically free-fall then... // you entered my chamber with ya Mega Buster strapped? where's my life at... // cuz imma mega bust dat ass // so bust back like you on ya last life // my double damage make em vanish like a prototype... // both: cuz his armor sucks, with no shield he'd be fucked // eh yo I got the Screw Crusher cocked, ready to blast // you tried to cop the Mirror Buster, cho: but I already whopped dat ass // now you cyclin' through weapons like you got a rainbow infection // but all the selections are ineffective when they connectin' // you ain't fuckin' with the killas crew // we run through, guns glued to ya cranium, leave em duckin like Metools // regular blue, X, ZX or Battle Net // fuck all ya versions, you versin' versatile battle vets // Legends get no respect, and Star Force? weak at best // we like a virus that just can't be checked // so go figure, even if you manage to kill the Mega Man Killas // you still can't kill us, like Sigma

chorus repeat

meta: who you want me to crush, fam? cho: how bout that cat Zero? // meta: naw that's a waste of time, he's not even the main hero // but I heard that robot Bass is on some anit shit // cho: naw he switched sides on us, meta: now he's Mega Man's bitch // cho: so what about Quint? meta: what, that lame ass kid? // hopin' around on a pogo stick like that shit is legit? // that's what a joke is, I slap him upside the head with a hackey-sack explosive // cho: yeah, he's a little lame to roll with // so what you wanna do? meta: let's freakin kill everybody // cho: what if we leave to many bodies? meta: then we'll leave em for Dr. Wily // hat mad scientist knows what to do with this waste // cho: these humans are useless, though, we should use them for slaves, like // "don't talk back, you work for us now, Dr. Cocksack // meta: yeah, and you ain't even gettin ya bots back // cho: and don't try to resist, cuz we makin necks snap // meta: Mega Man, don't try to stop us cuz you know you're no match // cho: You ain't got balls, why you wear a mechanical jock strap? // meta: Mega...cho: who? meta: Mega...cho: what? meta: Mega's just a soft cat // cho: harder than Bubble Man? meta: naw, man, go check the stats // cho: as hard as Sheep Man...meta: naw, Sheep Man's harder than that // cho: he's gotta jack cats skills just to make cats cower // meta: even Plant Man's ability? cho: yeah that fag has flower power // he gave Proto Man his moves and now they're moves he'll never have // meta: he gave away his charge shot? cho: and he gave away his dash // meta: so if we shoot at him correctly then you know that he's fucked // but what if he double jumps? cho: he aint' Bass, meta: oh yeah, cho: duh // meta: can he still combine with Rush? cho: not anymore // meta: Yo why the fuck's he downgradin? cho: Dr. Light is too poor // meta: that's why you start each game with now power-ups you dumbass // cho: that's why you gotta borrow cats' abilities to get past // meta: that's why the download-ables merk the original cast // both: that's why the latest game'll probably be ya last
Track Name: Chrome Skeleton
I got you shook for days like Penance Strare, got you petrified // I televise all of your sins like a satellite // witness the filth that makes you, matter of fact it rapes you // you're walking a path with fucking cataracts // I'll shatter your disguise with affirmative action // put holes in ya body like we're playing Red Faction // put your body in shock, I'm Gengar with a glock // every bullet is fired from my tongue, I lick shots // I'll torment you, and make you change ya ways // I'll take a gateway to your brain from the astral plane // I'm like Shadow King and Ghost Rider // I'm a pyro-telepath, my words'll set ya mind on fire // flows so hot that my flesh is melting hart // I'm protected by my cold heart, invaded by the Exolon // a beautiful monster, I'm obscene and elegant // stay sophisticated plus I look like Nemesis // I'll take you, do this like Bane and break you // undertake you and reshape everything that makes you // I hate you, cuz you do what they do // let the pain soothe, so I can remake you // into the best cuz I can change ya specs, you aren't good enough yet // you're just a (wast of flesh) // our forms don't change because our bones don't bend // we go past our limits while our limits don't end // and infinite progression for superior beings // my yin's mixed with yang, I'm an angelic beast // no shackles, no masters, a self-ruled pedigree // master of my domain, I am my own enemy // surpassing limitations created by my // while opposing every puppet under Master Hand // you're bitch-made by the industry, a slave to your mistress // I only make music if I only have an interest // I'm more about the music, you're more about the business // you can't move me, Juggernaut is my witness

meta: unbreakable, flesh over metal and bone // you can't break a skeleton that's covered in chrome // you can have the diamonds and platinum // we iced out from the inside out, ready for action
// both: unbreakable, cho: flesh over metal and bone // you got ice-god Santa Claus, cash the gold // catch the cold, no one knows where ya casket goes // we unsheath claws, hold em to ya masters throat

intellectual hunger, with a touch of psychopath // zombie Iron Man when I'm stark raving mad // a mad scientist with the rhymes, it's bad at times // get pissed off and flip a periodic table with my bare mind // bear in mind my mind's an active field lined with buried mines // covered by a woven tapestry composed of tripwire that's intertwined // tell me to set if off then // while you barkin I prepare two coffins // and double dog dare you to keep walkin across the line // and we can test the theory of whether or not you'll end up in heaven twice // trust me, the all-dog destination won't lose face // by lettin the residents pile up in the cages like inmates // I'm standin and watchin while mainstream profits // result from the sloppiest possible options // conglomerate process dissolves til the rocks get // lost in the bog and dissolved in the mosh pit // it don't take a prophet to see where the swamp stench // bleeds to the nostrils and seeps inner-caustic // I mean...God forbid it takes you more than a couple of minutes // to decipher the language and all of the nuances within it // this is Wu-Tang influence, old school street magic // ghost hands, slight of face, reciprocate that shit // minus the dog-master asterick // plus the local trade master activist, do the math bitch // just add and subtract it's not that hard // just make sure you show your work after the problem is solved // you know the laws, and active bone claw gathers no moss // but even adamantium dulls from too many nights at the bar // that's why we star sharp, even in a rainstorm // even though the metal alloy confronts the weather // we air it out // cuz rust ain't a problem when you spit // till there's no oxygen left for the chemical process // yeah, cuz rust ain't a problem when you spit // till there's no oxygen left for the chemical process

chorus repeat + both: unbreakable
Track Name: Grah Ahst Monahven
soul of a dragon, heart of a lion, wrath of a giant // born into mortal flesh, bestowed with the strength of a tyrant // fated, my deadly quest, woven from threads history fed // a fate that I accept, my trial is Skyrim's // ice-grim, my demeanor, stone-chiseled features // born in a world grayer than the beard of my teachers // you can call me Akatosh's preacher // with prose honed in the throat of the world, I'm Nirn's most dangerous creature // my voice caries over distances great // the sonic waves penetrate through ya flesh like a blade // the words I say, like a thousand pounds, how can you escape from the speed of sound? // my larynx lays waste to these creatures foul // the perfect balance of magic and steel weapons // stick and stones to break ya bones, and the words to leave ya spirit severed // mercy? never, Imma put you to rest // so fuck the knees, my arrows are going straight to the head

lost in time the darkness in which I found a new light // banished by the world I ruled, though I would start a new life // thoughts of my brethren slain, vengeance with a crave // the war we fought for our Dov race will not be in vain // I am he who is chose to rule this pathetic world // for man cannot accept his fate to bring this petty quarrel // why must you continue to try to stop the inevitable? // only a fool would clash with a being that finds one edible // I'll effortlessly penetrate my claws through your flesh // reach your back and squeeze your lungs so you bleed every single breath // and gaze into your shaking eyes, I enjoy the pain of man // yes it's sadistic, I'm twisted like DNA strands // I'll end this with just a few words and leave the Dovah stamp // Yol...Toor Shul, scorching you into the sand // a gift unto your Aedra, an example for all you heathens // behold your Dovahkiin, I found Kyne's missing pieces

chorus (both mixed):
dragon code, dragon tongue, dragon bones, dragon blood // dragon oath, dragon what? dragon's end, no, dragon clutch // drag you home, dragon done, drag you slow, dragon fucked, dragon versus Dragonborn // battle till the end of us

cho: you face a God, my power is that of every Dovah amalgamated // you arrogant, misguided, limited imitation // naive and impatient for human enslavement // a utopia built on malevolence and hatred

meta: Alduin, I will do you in // soldiers from Whiterun are now moving in to let your life run down these ebon ends // we ride to uphold the order of blades, I am Dovahkiin // reduce your ass to ash blacker than the Daedra skin

cho: slow down, feel the gelid grip of my frost breath // they're all dead, nobody's left like these lopped off heads // a cold end for your world, where are your nine divines? // Nirn is only the beginning, all of Mundus will be mine

meta: we speak the same tongue, yet you lack the comprehension? // Imma slam your head against this language barrier till you start to listen // mark you for death, become ethereal, close in and burn with fire breath // not even Aura Whisper could ever find whats left

cho: Dragonborn, you are mistaken... // scaleless dragon you are naked, your legacy is tainted // I will erase this...nameless mortal fool, I am ageless // Akatosh's first born, Alduin the ancient

meta: self proclaimed first born, more like the first abortion // your understanding's incomplete, world eater? please // I think you underestimate the portions // Imma curb that appetite with words of wisdom and be back in Sovngarde in time for dinner

cho: false dragon, still born, return to your human womb // the Falmer have seen Argonians more dragon than you // Meteor Storm, come forth, make this Nirn a burning tomb // cry to your gods while set ablaze, as they have led you to your doom

meta: you really have lost your mind, or what's left // my ancestors lost you in time, I'm here to help you find the way to death // soar to the heavens, you're finished // with one final sentence I'll dig you a grave to hell and Joor Zah Frul to drop you in it

chorus repeat