Chrome Skeleton

from by Angry Sons

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I got you shook for days like Penance Strare, got you petrified // I televise all of your sins like a satellite // witness the filth that makes you, matter of fact it rapes you // you're walking a path with fucking cataracts // I'll shatter your disguise with affirmative action // put holes in ya body like we're playing Red Faction // put your body in shock, I'm Gengar with a glock // every bullet is fired from my tongue, I lick shots // I'll torment you, and make you change ya ways // I'll take a gateway to your brain from the astral plane // I'm like Shadow King and Ghost Rider // I'm a pyro-telepath, my words'll set ya mind on fire // flows so hot that my flesh is melting hart // I'm protected by my cold heart, invaded by the Exolon // a beautiful monster, I'm obscene and elegant // stay sophisticated plus I look like Nemesis // I'll take you, do this like Bane and break you // undertake you and reshape everything that makes you // I hate you, cuz you do what they do // let the pain soothe, so I can remake you // into the best cuz I can change ya specs, you aren't good enough yet // you're just a (wast of flesh) // our forms don't change because our bones don't bend // we go past our limits while our limits don't end // and infinite progression for superior beings // my yin's mixed with yang, I'm an angelic beast // no shackles, no masters, a self-ruled pedigree // master of my domain, I am my own enemy // surpassing limitations created by my // while opposing every puppet under Master Hand // you're bitch-made by the industry, a slave to your mistress // I only make music if I only have an interest // I'm more about the music, you're more about the business // you can't move me, Juggernaut is my witness

meta: unbreakable, flesh over metal and bone // you can't break a skeleton that's covered in chrome // you can have the diamonds and platinum // we iced out from the inside out, ready for action
// both: unbreakable, cho: flesh over metal and bone // you got ice-god Santa Claus, cash the gold // catch the cold, no one knows where ya casket goes // we unsheath claws, hold em to ya masters throat

intellectual hunger, with a touch of psychopath // zombie Iron Man when I'm stark raving mad // a mad scientist with the rhymes, it's bad at times // get pissed off and flip a periodic table with my bare mind // bear in mind my mind's an active field lined with buried mines // covered by a woven tapestry composed of tripwire that's intertwined // tell me to set if off then // while you barkin I prepare two coffins // and double dog dare you to keep walkin across the line // and we can test the theory of whether or not you'll end up in heaven twice // trust me, the all-dog destination won't lose face // by lettin the residents pile up in the cages like inmates // I'm standin and watchin while mainstream profits // result from the sloppiest possible options // conglomerate process dissolves til the rocks get // lost in the bog and dissolved in the mosh pit // it don't take a prophet to see where the swamp stench // bleeds to the nostrils and seeps inner-caustic // I mean...God forbid it takes you more than a couple of minutes // to decipher the language and all of the nuances within it // this is Wu-Tang influence, old school street magic // ghost hands, slight of face, reciprocate that shit // minus the dog-master asterick // plus the local trade master activist, do the math bitch // just add and subtract it's not that hard // just make sure you show your work after the problem is solved // you know the laws, and active bone claw gathers no moss // but even adamantium dulls from too many nights at the bar // that's why we star sharp, even in a rainstorm // even though the metal alloy confronts the weather // we air it out // cuz rust ain't a problem when you spit // till there's no oxygen left for the chemical process // yeah, cuz rust ain't a problem when you spit // till there's no oxygen left for the chemical process

chorus repeat + both: unbreakable


from Minus World, released August 5, 2013


all rights reserved



Angry Sons Orlando, Florida

metaphist and Psychosis Abstrakt air it out.

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