Citizen Sandwich

from by Angry Sons

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Day number 8, and Kirby's still acting violent...


ey yo, this fat fuck likes to stack guts full of Mack Truck sized snacks up until his ass bust // you know, the one with the vacuum suction, fast-food munchin' massive ominously vast stomach // I hope your special power's track runnin' cuz his ass comin' // and he won't stop till the last function left is nap time // ask nine out of ten citizens who tried to put and end to him what this serial killer did to them // my name is Knuckle...Joe // used to be a pit-fighter known for thunderous blows // rockin' the red white headband and the blue clothes // and you could say I earned my stripes from scrapin' at night to fandom and lights // another place, another time passed // you see, the gourmet race acquired a certain citizen taste...that's the reality we face // chased by a tyrant with two beady eyes // and one gaping pink gullet, concealed by a sly smile // this motherfucker eats a lot, thought it was cute at first // ice cream, cake, cookies...seconds, thirds // breakfast, lunch, dinner blurred, no distinction between em' // eatin' too often, occurred to us this might be a fuckin' problem and... // nobody remembers who the first victim was, but... // somethin' changed within him the first time he tasted flesh and blood and... // when Dedede fell, it was too late to fix a fuckin' thing // naw, the real nightmare in Dreamland was not the king

day number eight and Kirby's still actin' violent // this marshmallow tyrant is on a cannibalistic diet // he sees provisions from his iris, his appetite's unbiased // his hunger never settles, he has eternal glutton virus // he's eatin' our world, your dreams and milky way wishes // eatin' every fuckin' thing, so ain't nobody doin' dishes // yo, you get snatched like a vagina gettin' kidnapped // like fresh meat gettin' bagged, you scream for help, you queef in pitch-black // the layer's where he keeps his citizen snack wraps // carcasses hangin' from intestines and fat scraps // other pieces are mishmash-ed into a large ball of parts // he rolls them all together to form his ball of epic yarn // a nasty sight to see, you wanna gouge out both your eyes, son // in my case one, but you can see where I'm comin' from // I only see darkness, but it's for the right reasons now // everything I know can now rest in pieces // what is hope or what is peace? what does it truly mean to see? // illuminating death as our only possibility? // what more do we have when we lose to hostility? // hope is now offered as a sacrifice willingly // then I think of that then... // that memory of my past that I can't seem to abandon // the last day I saw the sunset... // from the beach on Orange Ocean where my family was, yes // it was the calm before the storm before the world became a corpse // when we ate to live for more before we starved at doom's doors // that day is the reason we still have some hope left // that day I saw the sun become angry and then it left

meta: eh yo, he's takin' all the cookies, takin' all the milk // cho: whether it's the rice, almond, soy or the silk // meta: talkin' all the ham, takin' all the turkey // cho: takin' all the chicken, pork, ribs and the jerky // meta: takin all the cake, cho: takin all the custard // meta: takin' all the ketchup, relish, cho: mayo, honey mustard // meta: takin' all the caviar, cho: takin' all the sushi // both: clearin' out the snakbar like he's 'bout to watch a movie

he's not one for conversation guys // I tried to get a word in edgewise, he at the fuckin' speech bubble like egg whites // the candy and spicy curry just puts him in a hurry // with all that eatin' and slurpin' his stomach's gotta be hurtin' // with one fork and a knife, you gon' forfeit your life // so head for the hills tonight, there's no stoppin' his appetite // hide ya wife, hide ya kids, hide ya chicken and hide ya ribs // they call him a food-o-masochist... // my name is Knuckle...Joe, and this time the gloves are off // so the name rings truer than ever // never been a fan of the ring proper, I get off in the streets like Ryu // the bell rings in my heart, my fist sings with the art, I... // know what I must do now // we gotta take back whats ours and go hard // from the lowest Vegetable Valley to the highest Bubbly Clouds on Mount Dedede // the future king, gettin' his weight up for the future bout // trainin' on some Rocky shit like the apocalypse // tied two rocky's to each end of a stick for an impressive bench // called up my dog Wheelie so we could do some sprints // at which point I realized I could use more than some speed or strength // so I went to Bugsy's dojo, learned a couple of throws // sought the council of Whisp // learned to focus and explode fire out my fist like a Shotokan master // now the kids ready despite all the naysayer's chatter // they colored me crazy as hell for going against the pink devil himself // but they did what they could for me, and they were happy to help // now the fate of the realm rests squarely on the kids should and no // the real nightmare in Dreamland is not over

now I'm uptown and it's time to relocate // watching and waiting, strafing and evading // where's this fat fuck hiding? he's probably waiting to bait me // i ignore him and move forward, but I can't be too hasty // wait for it, stop to piss, then leave the alleyway // look back, make sure I wasn't tailed from where I can then... // all of a sudden he's right in front of me, I'm taken // crash into his face, pass out, then re-awaken // in front of the beast, I can see he's full now // that means I'll surely die when he goes for the next round // I feel a cold touch, must be the grudge of despair // Kirby standing there bold, with a piercing cold stare // no we're face to face, and goin' eye to eye // but I only need this one perspective to see the truth shine // illuminating death? naw, illuminating light // my life flashes before me and it's more than I could ever see // another consciousness, another state of mind // now I realize I've left my body behind // I see Bubbly Clouds, Cloudy Park and Skyhigh // Halfmoon and the heavens, a vision of the afterlife // ready for this, ready to die // I look below the heavens to find to my surprise // I see the sun, how could it see me from this high? // starin' at me really fuckin' pissed off, is it really my time? // losin' my mind I'm blackin' out, I hear a whisper as it climbs // "survive" then the sun takes a strike at my demise // I wake up in a panic, same place where I left off // knowin' what to do, I channel energy before I set off // aim at his food because I know he'll feel the pain much // throw the massive beam like "I'm a firin' my lazah" // run from the explosion then hear a loud bellow // [kirby bellow] // now I've awakened in the hospital, they say I've lost my eye // I'm not blind, just had my mind re-optimized // I see Kirby out there still wilin' still eatin' // he lost his sight at the scene and left for the time bein'


from Minus World, released August 5, 2013


all rights reserved



Angry Sons Orlando, Florida

metaphist and Psychosis Abstrakt air it out.

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