Grah Ahst Monahven

from by Angry Sons

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A true account of the battle at the Throat of the World.


soul of a dragon, heart of a lion, wrath of a giant // born into mortal flesh, bestowed with the strength of a tyrant // fated, my deadly quest, woven from threads history fed // a fate that I accept, my trial is Skyrim's // ice-grim, my demeanor, stone-chiseled features // born in a world grayer than the beard of my teachers // you can call me Akatosh's preacher // with prose honed in the throat of the world, I'm Nirn's most dangerous creature // my voice caries over distances great // the sonic waves penetrate through ya flesh like a blade // the words I say, like a thousand pounds, how can you escape from the speed of sound? // my larynx lays waste to these creatures foul // the perfect balance of magic and steel weapons // stick and stones to break ya bones, and the words to leave ya spirit severed // mercy? never, Imma put you to rest // so fuck the knees, my arrows are going straight to the head

lost in time the darkness in which I found a new light // banished by the world I ruled, though I would start a new life // thoughts of my brethren slain, vengeance with a crave // the war we fought for our Dov race will not be in vain // I am he who is chose to rule this pathetic world // for man cannot accept his fate to bring this petty quarrel // why must you continue to try to stop the inevitable? // only a fool would clash with a being that finds one edible // I'll effortlessly penetrate my claws through your flesh // reach your back and squeeze your lungs so you bleed every single breath // and gaze into your shaking eyes, I enjoy the pain of man // yes it's sadistic, I'm twisted like DNA strands // I'll end this with just a few words and leave the Dovah stamp // Yol...Toor Shul, scorching you into the sand // a gift unto your Aedra, an example for all you heathens // behold your Dovahkiin, I found Kyne's missing pieces

chorus (both mixed):
dragon code, dragon tongue, dragon bones, dragon blood // dragon oath, dragon what? dragon's end, no, dragon clutch // drag you home, dragon done, drag you slow, dragon fucked, dragon versus Dragonborn // battle till the end of us

cho: you face a God, my power is that of every Dovah amalgamated // you arrogant, misguided, limited imitation // naive and impatient for human enslavement // a utopia built on malevolence and hatred

meta: Alduin, I will do you in // soldiers from Whiterun are now moving in to let your life run down these ebon ends // we ride to uphold the order of blades, I am Dovahkiin // reduce your ass to ash blacker than the Daedra skin

cho: slow down, feel the gelid grip of my frost breath // they're all dead, nobody's left like these lopped off heads // a cold end for your world, where are your nine divines? // Nirn is only the beginning, all of Mundus will be mine

meta: we speak the same tongue, yet you lack the comprehension? // Imma slam your head against this language barrier till you start to listen // mark you for death, become ethereal, close in and burn with fire breath // not even Aura Whisper could ever find whats left

cho: Dragonborn, you are mistaken... // scaleless dragon you are naked, your legacy is tainted // I will erase this...nameless mortal fool, I am ageless // Akatosh's first born, Alduin the ancient

meta: self proclaimed first born, more like the first abortion // your understanding's incomplete, world eater? please // I think you underestimate the portions // Imma curb that appetite with words of wisdom and be back in Sovngarde in time for dinner

cho: false dragon, still born, return to your human womb // the Falmer have seen Argonians more dragon than you // Meteor Storm, come forth, make this Nirn a burning tomb // cry to your gods while set ablaze, as they have led you to your doom

meta: you really have lost your mind, or what's left // my ancestors lost you in time, I'm here to help you find the way to death // soar to the heavens, you're finished // with one final sentence I'll dig you a grave to hell and Joor Zah Frul to drop you in it

chorus repeat


from Minus World, released August 5, 2013


all rights reserved



Angry Sons Orlando, Florida

metaphist and Psychosis Abstrakt air it out.

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