Mega Man Killas

from by Angry Sons

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So Wily decided he should build some robots that can actually kill Mega Man. The results were...interesting.


my name is Enker, I go hard dragin' my dick on the floor // I know a robot with a pump that's trying to be hardcore // no joke, I'll take his girl and slapstick on splash bitch // hit shore and wait till he shows up and start attackin' // you couldn't be hard man if you were built packin' heat // you may spit fire in your flow, but I spit magma when I speak // I also sever cats when burning tracks to junk man // like the Flame Sword, I'll slash you to ashes to dust man // your just a clown, man, you got guts to lay a track // I'll lay out ya guts so Auto can tune you back // I'll break into ya lab and take everything in sight // yellin' "freeze, cracka, gimme da gun, gimme da ice" // my Mirror Buster don't lie, I'm the master of robot masters // wily ain't ya master, nor is he ya father you bastards // Mega Man, when I attack it's like a flash in the dark // I'm so quick you won't react until you're scattered in parts // you think I give a fuck how much range you can take? // you could throw five blades at once and I'll just stand in place // then use my Barrier Spear, go on a face-lift craze // your face'll look like the middle stage of a shape shift phase // I'm underground, man, I stay ghost like I'm Astro // throw rap stars in Galaxy Man's asshole // the black hole, I've whopped so much ass it's gettin' old // I remember when Toad Man was just a young tadpole // I taught Shade Man how to fight within the shadows // made Knight Man a warrior before he got his will for battle // Cloud Man's not at the top, I'm the one who's lookin' down // as he bows I was the king before King hand a crown // Angry Son's don't set, we everywhere you are // you think you hot, son, but I always kill new stars // cats tryna bite my shit, there solar // cuz they're like you, the power ain't yours, it's fuckin' ours

chorus (both):
da da daa, da da da daa, da da da daa, kill dem Mega's (repeat x4)

yeah, my name's Punk but don't get it twisted // my moniker is quite viscous, seem me rockin' mo-hawk spikes // this is not a fair fight, cho: so how you callin' it, dog? // I'm callin' all cars with Nitro and Turbo in charge // killin' Mega Man is how we get off, and after that // we comin' back to finish off the doc, the girl and the dog // and make it one big disaster, a genocide, a massacre // cho: so tell em why you the illest robot masta // well I'm flattered that your callin' me master but we be comin' after them actors // so let's be accurate and refactor the label // from the "K" to the -illas, but I think I can be more specific // and toss a "Mega Man" in front to be clearer // inferior, that's why that blue bastard gradually beats yall // while my killas hold it down like Gravity Beetle // catch you in the air, man, rise up like Gyro // throw signature spikes that spiral, you tragically free-fall then... // you entered my chamber with ya Mega Buster strapped? where's my life at... // cuz imma mega bust dat ass // so bust back like you on ya last life // my double damage make em vanish like a prototype... // both: cuz his armor sucks, with no shield he'd be fucked // eh yo I got the Screw Crusher cocked, ready to blast // you tried to cop the Mirror Buster, cho: but I already whopped dat ass // now you cyclin' through weapons like you got a rainbow infection // but all the selections are ineffective when they connectin' // you ain't fuckin' with the killas crew // we run through, guns glued to ya cranium, leave em duckin like Metools // regular blue, X, ZX or Battle Net // fuck all ya versions, you versin' versatile battle vets // Legends get no respect, and Star Force? weak at best // we like a virus that just can't be checked // so go figure, even if you manage to kill the Mega Man Killas // you still can't kill us, like Sigma

chorus repeat

meta: who you want me to crush, fam? cho: how bout that cat Zero? // meta: naw that's a waste of time, he's not even the main hero // but I heard that robot Bass is on some anit shit // cho: naw he switched sides on us, meta: now he's Mega Man's bitch // cho: so what about Quint? meta: what, that lame ass kid? // hopin' around on a pogo stick like that shit is legit? // that's what a joke is, I slap him upside the head with a hackey-sack explosive // cho: yeah, he's a little lame to roll with // so what you wanna do? meta: let's freakin kill everybody // cho: what if we leave to many bodies? meta: then we'll leave em for Dr. Wily // hat mad scientist knows what to do with this waste // cho: these humans are useless, though, we should use them for slaves, like // "don't talk back, you work for us now, Dr. Cocksack // meta: yeah, and you ain't even gettin ya bots back // cho: and don't try to resist, cuz we makin necks snap // meta: Mega Man, don't try to stop us cuz you know you're no match // cho: You ain't got balls, why you wear a mechanical jock strap? // meta: Mega...cho: who? meta: Mega...cho: what? meta: Mega's just a soft cat // cho: harder than Bubble Man? meta: naw, man, go check the stats // cho: as hard as Sheep Man...meta: naw, Sheep Man's harder than that // cho: he's gotta jack cats skills just to make cats cower // meta: even Plant Man's ability? cho: yeah that fag has flower power // he gave Proto Man his moves and now they're moves he'll never have // meta: he gave away his charge shot? cho: and he gave away his dash // meta: so if we shoot at him correctly then you know that he's fucked // but what if he double jumps? cho: he aint' Bass, meta: oh yeah, cho: duh // meta: can he still combine with Rush? cho: not anymore // meta: Yo why the fuck's he downgradin? cho: Dr. Light is too poor // meta: that's why you start each game with now power-ups you dumbass // cho: that's why you gotta borrow cats' abilities to get past // meta: that's why the download-ables merk the original cast // both: that's why the latest game'll probably be ya last


from Minus World, released August 5, 2013


all rights reserved



Angry Sons Orlando, Florida

metaphist and Psychosis Abstrakt air it out.

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